We have a proven record to be innovative across all aspects of our work. We deliver high quality projects that have found admiration and proven relevance both within the general public and the profession, as in the world academia and critical review.

It is our distinguishing capacity that we can take complex, unique and conflicting project parameters and synthesize, integrate and distill them into simple, surprising, innovative, buildable, budget conscious solutions that are full of discoveries and delight.

Our projects are highly flexible to remain relevant over time, as they are relevant in their setting. They are of importance to their respective communities and are as sustainable as we can possibly make them.

It is for the ambition and accomplishment of our work that we have consistently won architecture’s highest recognitions throughout the first decade of our practice. There are indeed few firms that approach the making of buildings as holistically and integrated as we do.

We care deeply about the arts, as we are involved with science and intrigued by the possibilities of economics. It is our first priority to deliver buildings that are ‘state of the art’ sustainable.