Integrated Design Process

Wallace Crescent, Vancouver, Canada, 2005.During the programming and design process we will work intensely with the client. We will first seek to confirm the overall objectives, review of the terms of reference and review of materials provided. Further we discuss and develop evaluation criteria and a project specific methodology to finalize the work plan and schedule.

We propose an integrated process in which design options are carefully explored for program, site constraints and bylaws and further evaluated through feedback from scenario driven architectural design explorations. The evaluation will be based on the agreed criteria.

We will then recommend modifications/optimizations to the scenarios, typologies and specific needs. This design management procedures evolves transparently through several cycles, looking at the project from multiple vantage points, and allowing client to make insightful decisions. Information is tytpically delivered through fully interactive 3D digital models, physical design models, diagrams, analytic calcualtions, imaginative renderings and photo montages and others.

This process will help all stakeholders and team members to better understand the implications of the various potential design options with their particular advantages and limitations. The intent is to objectify the design process beyond initial pre-conceptions. We have had great success with this process as it is the team as a collective that is making discoveries about the right solution. In summary, our design process is not linear and hierarchical, but evolves in multiple parallel strands that are then systematically integrated into a consistent design proposition. Our presentations are to the point, clear and highly organized.

The process naturally involves our consultants for structure, electrical, mechanical, landscape and others as needed. We have a longstanding working relationship with many of them, and prefer to see them retained by you as early as possible. We are, of course, more than happy to work with consultants of your preference. We are great team leaders and team players.

We deploy sophisticated BIM (Building Information Modelling) parametric and animation design software, that allow us to carry a highly integrated computer aided design information from start to finish.